Wolf Athletics – Lacrosse Innovators

Wolf Athletics has made headlines this year, and rightfully so. Lacrosse equipment has been pretty standard for a long time, and finally companies are beginning to change it. Plastic heads and alloy shafts seemed to be the only route until a few years back, when True Temper teamed up with companies like Epoch and the carbon revolution began. This year, Wolf took an even different take on the industry with their Ghost shaft. With a whole new material at an affordable price, it is a great new step for the game. From just $85, you can get a clear shaft, to an American themed shaft, or something as unique as their “Glow series” that we were lucky enough to get our hands on. We look forward for more to come from Wolf in 2015. If you’re interested, buy their shafts at their store, or pick up a slightly used “Glow Series” for a discount  in ours.

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