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This past week I reached out to Sayre from Ten Minute Traditional, and got my hands on a piece of their traditional “mesh” to review. It was shipped priority and got here quickly, even during the busy holiday week. The box’s contents were pretty self-explanatory, with all the string  necessary to complete the pocket and a link to the full set of tutorials online. I loaded up the videos and, although I do have a good amount of experience with stringing, breezed through the installation. Anyone with internet access could easily put this pocket together, with little adjustment necessary. Advertised as a ten-minute process, my total time was 10:31. Needless to say, the name is accurate. Continue reading to see my review of the product itself.


Since this is such a unique product, we don’t have a set guide to follow for this review. I have decided to base it off of four areas: Value, Installation, Functionality, and Practicality. Each section is worth 25/100. Without further ado..



Starting at $35 for an all-white trad, TMT is on par with many other custom stringing services online. The only difference is, you install it yourself, and you get to tune it to your own specifications. Although it may be intimidating to many beginners, the set of tutorials and troubleshooting support provided by TMT goes above and beyond what other companies offer. In addition, the “mesh” is removable and transferrable to any other stick, giving it a longer lifespan than most plastic heads. This means once you buy it and break it in, it’ll last for a very long time. So yes, it is a larger investment than a regular piece of mesh, but if you’re interested in traditional, it’s one of the best options. The quality StringKing and Jimalax materials add to the guarantee of quality, making this a lasting and valuable product.

Score- 21/25



As I said above, the installation process was a breeze. Advertised as ten minutes, I went just 30 seconds beyond. I’m sure if I did it again, I could get it well below ten, as the technique is very easy to learn. Traditional is usually thought of as intimidating, and beginners are better off starting with mesh. TMT is closing that gap, and makes it almost easier for a beginner to get a nice pocket from than mesh. There are no special knots or interlocks that need to be learned; the user simply needs to add a top string and weave in the sidewalls. After following the tutorials, a small amount of adjustments were needed in the tension of the leathers and shooting strings. Overall, very easy process and simple to adjust.

Score- 24/25



Personally, I’m not much of a traditional person. I grew up using mesh, and really know how mesh will react in different in-game circumstances. That being said, I love the feel of the TMT. Very easy to feel where the ball is in your pocket, and has good amount of hold with very little whip. If you’re a run-and-gun shooting type that needs a lot of whip and hold for dodging and shot velocity, then maybe this isn’t for you. However, if your a feeding player that likes to have full control of their shots and passes, you’re going to love the TMT. The pocket formed the perfect depth for a quick release for snappy assists, and the channel produces enough hold for dodging. Of course, the pocket could be adjusted to really fit to individual playing types as well. As I strung this on an OG Savage, a head almost as good as the Blade for faceoffs, I tried a few with the pocket. The TMT is like butter on faceoffs, perfectly gripping the ball and popping back into place when catching the ball for pinch-n-pop or plunger guys. Coming from wax mesh, I definitely prefer this for faceoffs.

Score- 23/25



Need a new pocket 20 minutes before a game? Want to try traditional for the first time, but don’t have the skills to string it? The TMT is perfect for you. For the price, it can serve a player for more than a year, and serve them well. Are you a college player, and need a stick for the season? Well, this may not be for you, but you can certainly test it out and stick it on a backup if you don’t love it. Simply put, unless you are among the best of the best, in which case you probably get your stick strung for free, the TMT could be a great choice for you. from faceoffs to defense or offense, there’s nothing it can’t do with the right amount of tweaking. Visit Ten Minute Traditional to pick up your kit, starting at $35.

Score: 23/25


Total Score– 91/100


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