Review – STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS

New for the 2015 season, STX has released a revamped model of their popular 2014 Stallion Sc-Ti handle. The Sc-Ti line has been a best seller for an extremely long time, with shafts such as the Premiere in the early 2000’s making huge waves in weight/strength ratio. Many companies have caught on to this “holy grail” of alloys in lacrosse, and STX is one of the best. Continue reading to see what else we have to say about the newest installment of the Sc-Ti. Continue reading…

STX Launches New Stallion 500 Helmet

…and it’s nowhere near as nice as it should be. Compared to Cascade’s helmets, this is on the same level as the CLH2. While it is just their debut helmet, and by all means is better than some of Warrior’s earliest helmets, I think it’s a fairly weak attempt. Coming from a company that emphasizes style and sleekness, this boxy attempt is not in the same image as some of their other gear. Leave your opinion in the comments, and check out more on their official page.

Stallion HD

Review – STX Stallion HD Gloves

I recently got my hands on a pair of the new STX Stallion HD gloves and have used them a few times since. My experiences with them so far have been great. They are extremely light, one of the lightest I’ve ever felt, and still provide ample protection. STX’s signature High-Def polymer is evident in the build of the glove (hence the HD), and it provides for a very comfortable feel. Continue reading…