CrosseMusic – Atlas

We’ve been big fans of Luke Christopher for a while now, and he recently dropped close to a dozen new tracks on his SoundCloud. After listening, Atlas has come out as a Crosseworks favorite, with a laid back beat and great flow from Luke Chris. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out more on his channel.


CrosseMusic – Luda

Found this song watching StringKing’s MLL Championship video which, as a sidenote, was an incredible video. Really great camera work and as you can tell, I loved the soundtrack. Back to the song, great beat behind a classic Ludacris rap. The song is available for free download as well. Check out more from Big Wild on their SoundCloud.


CrosseMusic – Actin’ Crazy

Opportunity be knockin’. The new single from Action Bronson dropped a few days back and has been blowing up ever since. The former chef definitely has a unique sound, and the song is one of his best. Be sure to check out the rest of Action’s stuff on his SoundCloud.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.13.26 PM

CrosseMusic – Stand For

Already pretty popular after only being public for a few weeks, Ty Dolla $ign’s Stand For is a must-have on your winter playlist. Great beat provided by Diplo, be sure to give his stuff a listen as well. The music video is also a fresh take, with some great editing. See more by Ty on his channel.


CrosseMusic – Sunday Candy

The first new song dropped from Chance The Rapper’s highly-anticipated Surf, Sunday Candy is a great collab from Chance and his band, Social Experiment. Although the official artist is Donnie Trumpet & SoX, Chance is the only featured rapper. As a huge Chance fan, this is one of his best works since Acid Rap. See more from Chance The Rapper and Donnie Trumpet on their SoundCloud profiles.


CrosseMusic – I’m Good

One of the latest from Abstract, “I’m Good” features a slower beat with some great lyrics over it. Abstract produces chill music regularly, so if you like this be sure to check out his other stuff. It’s all pretty similar, but each has it’s own twist that keeps it interesting. Another favorite from him is “Scars.” Find more on his SoundCloud.