2015 College Lacrosse Promo

It’s finally here. With the NCAA season just a short while away, we bring you our 2015 College Lacrosse Promo. Definitely one of our best works yet, as we drew the best clips from all over the internet to compile to the sound of Ellie Goulding’s “Goodness Gracious.” I’d say its definitely worth it to take 4 minutes out of your day to check this out and get fired up for the season.


Officially Announcing the CrosseStore

Officially open for business, the CrosseStore is a great place to pick up both rare and advanced lacrosse gear at a discount. I frequently spend time searching through eBay for deals on limited edition and discontinued gear, and usually end up reselling it after it sits in storage for a while. Now, instead of having to scour eBay for OG heads or a colorway you just can’t find, you can check our Store first. We keep our prices affordable, and have free-shipping store wide so the price you see is the price you get. From time to time we also get new items in to check out and review, and figured we’d post them on our store to let our readers get a chance to buy if they really like the review. Although most of our products are slightly used and tested, we are able to offer them at a greater discount and guarantee that it has complete structural integrity, unless otherwise noted. Check out the four items available now, with more coming soon.

Long-Awaited Thompson Trio Highlights

It’s no secret that the Thompson family lit it up this year. With sponsors clamoring over Miles and Ty, and Lyle with another year at Albany, they’re fame is not yet over. Many highlights have been released this past year, but none are like ours. After peeling through every Thompson play on the internet, we’ve come up with 4:40 of their jaw-dropping connections throughout the past few years. All there is to do now is look forward to their performance in 2015.

2015 NLL Promo

With the season less than a month away, we bring you the 2015 Promo for the National Lacrosse League. Packed with the best plays from last year, this is one of our best videos. With the addition of the highly anticipate New England Black Wolves, the 2015 season should surely be one of the best.

Review – Ten Minute Traditional

This past week I reached out to Sayre from Ten Minute Traditional, and got my hands on a piece of their traditional “mesh” to review. It was shipped priority and got here quickly, even during the busy holiday week. The box’s contents were pretty self-explanatory, with all the string  necessary to complete the pocket and a link to the full set of tutorials online. I loaded up the videos and, although I do have a good amount of experience with stringing, breezed through the installation. Anyone with internet access could easily put this pocket together, with little adjustment necessary. Advertised as a ten-minute process, my total time was 10:31. Needless to say, the name is accurate. Continue reading to see my review of the product itself.

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Review – STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS

New for the 2015 season, STX has released a revamped model of their popular 2014 Stallion Sc-Ti handle. The Sc-Ti line has been a best seller for an extremely long time, with shafts such as the Premiere in the early 2000’s making huge waves in weight/strength ratio. Many companies have caught on to this “holy grail” of alloys in lacrosse, and STX is one of the best. Continue reading to see what else we have to say about the newest installment of the Sc-Ti. Continue reading…