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Review – STX Stallion HD Gloves

I recently got my hands on a pair of the new STX Stallion HD gloves and have used them a few times since. My experiences with them so far have been great. They are extremely light, one of the lightest I’ve ever felt, and still provide ample protection. STX’s signature High-Def polymer is evident in the build of the glove (hence the HD), and it provides for a very comfortable feel.

For our reviews, we are going to grade gear on a 100 scale. For gloves, there are 5 sections; feel, comfort, look, protection, and construction. Each are worth an even 20 points, and we will give our in depth reasoning for each grade. Without further ado, lets jump into the Stallion HD’s.


Feel: This is easily one of the Stallion’s strong points. The materials used in the glove are very high quality, and are broken in almost out of the bag. Several weeks in I still have the same grip and control over them than I did from the start, and the palm has not withered. Although the glove fits tight, it is available in 14″ sizing for those with bigger hands. I’ve seen players from U-13 to pros using these, so I doubt you’ll have trouble finding the right size for you. 

Final Grade- 18/20


Comfort: The glove feels pretty standard for a high-end piece of gear, so there is not much special here. The main thing I noticed while playing with these is how light they were compared to anything I’d used before. The fingers were also very flexible in every direction and the mobility was fairly convenient while playing.

Final Grade- 17/20


Look: These gloves are some of the best looking ones around. Its only rival would be the new Nike Vapor Elite’s, but it is close between the two. The colored material used in these gloves has a matte finish to them, which adds a really nice look to the glove. Overall its a very minimal glove with nothing flashy about it, something that I look for in equipment. It comes in a variety of colors, and looks great in all of them.

Final Grade- 19/20


Protection: This is the weak point of these gloves. You can tell right when you pick this glove up that it lacks protection. Although it makes up for it with its speed, some attackmen may not like this glove if they find finger hacks a problem with their current glove. A decent check will definitely leave a bruise if landed on one of this gloves weaker spots, which seems to be near the top of the fingers. However, I have not noticed it to be a huge problem as a midfielder yet, so it is not a huge problem.

Final Grade- 15/20


Construction: The Stallion HD is a very high quality glove. The stitches are all done correctly with a sturdy thread, and have not shown any wear whatsoever as of now. The palm is made up of a thin yet strong leather, and does not feel like it will rip within a season or two. Lastly, the backhand padding is very well put together, and is stitched on well to the stretchy material holding the rest of the glove together. All-in-all, this glove could easily take a full season of heavy use, if not more. They are not going to fall apart on you.

Final Grade- 19/20


Total Grade- 88









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