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A few weeks ago, we contacted Wolf Athletics letting them know how popular our initial post about their new bulletproof glass “Ghost” shaft was. We asked if they would be kind enough to send us a shaft to review, and soon enough, we had one in our hands. My initial thoughts were like most- a glass lacrosse shaft? How will it not shatter on first impact? Well, as it turns out, it’s a lot more durable than I thought, and that’s only one of its best attributes. Read more to see our full review of the Ghost!


For our review of this shaft, we will be ranking it on four aspects: Strength/Weight Ratio, Grip, Looks, and Wild Card. The Wild Card section is made for shafts especially like this one, where they have something different that pulls them ahead of their competition. First off is the S/W Ratio:


Strength/Weight Ratio:

The Ghost is strong. Remarkably strong. As in, when put at a 45 degree angle and stepped on with full force, it flexed to almost 90 degrees and immediately snapped back to its original shape. When hit against other shafts, doors, trees, and more, it tends to do more damage than it receives. In fact, after days of abuse, only a small ding has been found. But, with great strength comes great weight. At 7.8oz, the Ghost is definitely on the heavier side of handles. A typical scandium/titanium with run at <6.0oz, so if you’re looking for a featherweight shaft, this may not be your best bet.

Final Grade- 19/25



The grip of the Ghost is something different, which can be expected due to the material. It is smooth, yet not the same sort of smooth as you would find on a beginner alloy shaft. It allows your hands to glide freely over the shaft, but in doing so does not give a lot of grip to the player. It also has a unique profile (see header picture), that in a way makes up for the lack of grit. The sharp edges let you take control of your stick, and really get a feel for the ball.

Final Grade- 21/25



This has got to be one of the coolest shafts I’ve ever seen, period. Anyone who sees it immediately picks it up and stares for a few seconds to try and figure out how it is even possible. In a world of solid metal and carbon lacrosse shafts, the Ghost is a welcomed change of pace. If clear still isn’t your style, Wolf Athletics can offer you a graphic that will most certainly fit your taste. The amount of customization available for the Ghost is incredible for an introductory shaft, with choices from glow-in-the-dark to flames.

Final Grade- 25/25


Wild Card:

The shaft is made of glass. It’s got probably a 25 flex on the scale set by STX, is practically indestructible, and actually works. It’s a breath of fresh air for the lacrosse community, creating a whole new category in the equipment game. Sure, a D1 lacrosse player may choose a high-end scandium/titanium shaft over this for practical uses, but the idea is there and it will only get better from here. In reality, the shaft has a little too much flex to use regularly without having to change your playing style, but there are some real advantages here. I didn’t get the chance to clock myself, but I must say that the whip achieved from the Ghost seemed to increase shot speed a notable amount. At just $85, I’d say it’s well worth picking one up for yourself at Wolf Athletics.

Final Grade- 24/25


Total Grade- 89/100

S/W Ratio
Wild Card

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  1. Drea' Domenz

    around how much does it cost?

  2. nick

    What is a better shaft the epoch Gen five attack/middie shafts or ghost shaft

    • Will Bouley

      Definetly the epoch dragon fly

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