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This summer my gamer consisted of a Warrior Burn X on a Sc-Ti Pro shaft. The setup was pretty nice; sturdy and extremely lights. Probably one of the lightest setups I’ve ever used. It was strung with a college legal mid pocket and threw with very little whip. Overall, the head is easy to string, has a great strength to weight ratio, and has a tight pinch for a universal head.

For our head reviews, we will be grading on a 100 scale again, but this time there are only 4 sections: Strength-Weight Ratio, Stringability, Shape, and Wild Card. The “Wild Card” section will vary from head to head based on what the head is intended for. If it’s a defensive head, is it good at swatting down passes? A FOGO head, does it have the correct flex? Lets see how the Burn X scales up.


Strength-Weight Ratio: A huge advantage for the Burn, it excels in this category. The Burn is extremely light, and doesn’t have much contest. The only heads I’ve seen lighter are the Brine Clutch Elite X and of course the Noz X. However, both had a similar flaw; they would warp after 3-4 months. I have had the Burn since early June (just about 3 months now), and it’s in the same basic shape it came in. Granted, I didn’t face off with it as much as I used to, but I believe it could hold it’s shape pretty well regardless. I attribute this great ratio to Warrior’s patented SymRail technology.

Final Grade- 24/25


Stringability: This section is getting better and better with each head as companies have begun to pay more attention to stringing since the whole “Wax Mesh Explosion” of 2012. The Burn X sports nineteen sidewall holes down the plastic, all generously sized allowing for maximum stringing combinations. I did have a tough time getting the mid-low pocket on the Burn that I’m used to, as the head lends itself to a higher pocket, but that was the only bump in the road. If you’re a fan of traditional, you’re in luck, as there is six large top string holes big enough to fit leathers.

Final Grade- 21/25


Shape: The Burn has an aggressive face shape, especially for a universal head. Unlike a lot of X-specs, the Burn is pretty strictly an offensive head. Too pinched for defense, but perfect for midfield or attack. It also has a great shape for faceoffs. Sidewall-wise, it has a smooth offset catering to ball carriers and shooters.

Final Grade- 22/25


Wild Card: The Burn is “engineered for maximum speed,” and I’d say it does its job perfectly. A streamlined design featuring the great SymRail technology pioneered by the Evo 4 has made the Burn one of the premier offensive heads on the market. The lightweight head improves quickness and reaction time, and allows the shooter to bring his head around faster and get more power on shots. The Burn X is a weapon any offensive middie or attackman should have in his arsenal.

Final Grade- 24/25


Total Grade- 91/100

S/W Ratio
Wild Card

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