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  1. Brandon Alston

    I have a really great story about never giving up and playing your heart out. Over spring break my team, the St. John’s Mavericks, went up to California to play some lacrosse against the top teams. We had four games and endd up two and two. However, our second game was the most memorable. After playing one game earlier that day the whole team was tired. We all just wanted to go to the beach and relax, not worry about anything. It was so tempting not to play because from the field we could see the ocean. Coach kept reminding us to keep mushing be his dogs and take care of him and he’ll take care of us. This analogy comes from a story he told us earlier in the season. We get to the game and tie 3-3 at the half. Coach at half time tells us that if we win he will jump in the ocean. He kept saying he came all the way to California and don’t want this trip to be for nothing, so let’s go get the win. Second half starts and we score within 2 minutes. Everyone was fired up. The other team responds with 2 goals making it 5-4 and at the end of regulation its 6-6. Overtime. I can’t begin to describe how tired everyone was. Middies gassed, attack hurt, defense struggling, coach lost his voice, fans excited. But, there was some fight in us still left. Coach says if we go score this goal first he’ll even take our assistant coach into the water with him. Everyone is now fired up. Face off goes and everyone on the side line is chanting MUSH, MUSH, MUSH!!!! And then through a great cut off ball, we score. Coach and the team could not have been more happy! Our team shook hands and told the other team thanks for having us and what a great game we played. Everyone rushes into the ocean and of course our coaches are there. It was relieving at the end of the day to know that perseverance always works in your favor. We got to play some great lacrosse and enjoy the beaches of California.

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