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So you want to play lacrosse in college? Well, join the other 106,720 high school players in the nation. The chances of playing in college are about 13%, the same exclusivity as some Ivy League schools. So, any advantage you can get is worthwhile. gives you that advantage, simplifying recruiting into one easy to use website. With a free profile, you can set yourself up for a future in college lacrosse. stands out amongst the other recruiting sites in its ease of use and comprehensive features. Oh, and your profile is absolutely free. It allows you to setup your profile as a student-athlete, not only showcasing your skills on the turf but also in the classroom. So, if you have a high SAT score to boast, it could help you stand out to coaches. Additionally, you can list events you are attending to get real life exposure and hopefully catch the eyes of scouts. To see an example profile, check out what the founder of LaxRec has posted for himself:

One of the coolest features I have seen draws from what already exists with bigger sports like football and basketball. College coaches can send offers directly on the site, and the offers can then be made visible to the public. Players can then make there final decision and promote through LaxRec where they will be attending. This lets coaches and fellow players know that they are off the market, and also shows what their options were before their decision.

Another incredibly useful tool is the search function. Say you’re looking for a DIII college in New York, with a minimum SAT of 1100/1600. Type your specifics into the search engine, and Rochester Institute of Technology will pop up. You can see all available information from the school, from academic majors to upcoming camps. From there, you can message the coach directly to show your interest. This messaging service doesn’t only work for coaches who have already signed up, it works for any NCAA coach. If they haven’t signed up yet, they’ll receive your message via email.

The interactive platform of LaxRec has potential to change the game. If you weren’t in a hotbed area 10 years ago, chances are you weren’t playing for Hopkins no matter how good you were. changes this. Players can find their perfect fit easily, and even better, coaches can find theirs in just a few clicks. Make a profile today, and raise your chances of playing at the next level.

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  1. Tim Johnson

    Interesting piece. As someone who played college lax in the mid-90’s, I didn’t realize how difficult it was to get recruited in lacrosse nowadays. Anyway, this looks like a very useful site. When my two boys get to high school, I will probably tell them about this website.

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