A Glass Lacrosse Shaft?

With all the new carbon shafts being released lately, Wolf Athletics decided to take their product in an entirely different direction- a shaft made of bulletproof glass. This thing is made of the same material used by NASA, and the guys at Wolf claim it is shatter-proof. To back up their claim, they offer a 5-year warranty. Check out the video above to see the $85 Ghost in action. The “whip” is very evident, even more than high-flex shafts currently on the market. Supposedly adding 7+ MPH to your shot speed, the extreme flex can really add some power. Weighing in a 7.8oz, the Ghost is on the heavier side of shafts currently on the market. To find out more, visit their website wolf-athletics.com.


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  1. glenn elijah

    I placed an order on oct 1st the ad says 3 to 5 days I haven’t heard anything ——-glenn

    • crosseworks

      I’d contact them directly- we have no official affiliation with Wolf Athletics.

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