Factory Custom Uniforms from Cascade & Maverik

We decided to try our hand at the Factory Custom uniform builder, but together by Cascade and Maverik earlier this year. It hasn’t gained too much ground so far, and still does not show up on the first page of search results when looking for a “custom uniform”. That being said, it shows some great promise, and has an interactive customizer to get a real life view of how your equipment will come out.

How we made ours:


Cascade gives an option of many helmets ready to be customized, but of course we went with the all-new R. For the color scheme, we chose a matte gray for the shell. It gives a sleek look to the helmet, and is a personal favorite. To complement it, we added a carolina chin and kept the stock black cage to keep the minimal theme going. We also threw on a carolina mohawk to add some color to it.


For the uni, we went with a white base with some carolina and black accents. It looks really smooth done up with the carolina shoulders and black sleeves, and the black outlined numbers and letters pull it all together. For the away uniform, we added navy as the base color. A blackout uniform was also considered, and did look pretty sweet as well.


The gloves had the most options of all. The all-new Rome NXT’s have so many sections and color options that the choices are unlimited. We decided on an all white base to be on par with the uniform, accented with a black stripe down the middle. We also threw in some carolina on the thumb and outer edges to add some color to it. Overall we think it came out great.


Have your own ideas? Want to make one for your team? Head over to and make your own! Don’t forget to share it with us through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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