Check out our new trailer ‘This Is Crosseworks’

We dropped our first video in a few months to preview what we’ll be bringing in 2016. As lacrosse is fairly quiet until winter we’ll be working on a few off-season projects, as well as building up to the 2016 College Lacrosse Promo that will release in January. This video is a short trailer of our past original work, combining some of our best shots from the past year.

2015 MLL Highlights

One of our best works of all time for sure. So many plays to choose from when it comes to the MLL, as there’s an incredible amount of coverage and skill. We have some quicker cuts in this video than we usually do, enabling us to fit more clips in the video. ‘The Journey’ covers the entire MLL season, including the Lizards’ championship run. Enjoy!

MLL Production- Cannons’ Last Home Game

Big thanks to Julien Berndt from TLN and Kevin Murphy from the MLL for making this happen. I was able to get a press pass to the Cannons’ last home game at Gillette, and it was really a great atmosphere to shoot in. Check out the highlights above, and let us know what we should film next!

Shootout For Soldiers Boston Video

As I mentioned before, Shootout For Soldiers Boston was a great success this past month. Countless fans came out to support those playing in the 24 hours, and overall just above $26,000 was raised for veterans. Check out the recap video above.

Top Gun Fighting Clams @ Harvard

The Top Gun Fighting Clams took on some tough competition at the Crimson Lax Summer Classic this weekend, and came out with a winning record across their four teams in the tournament. Check out our highlights of players in years 2016, ’17, and ’18, and find out more about the Clams at their website.

2015 NCAA Highlights

Crosseworks presents ‘Shake The Earth,’ our follow-up to last year’s popular ‘Enjoy the Ride’ highlight reel for the 2014 NCAA season. College lacrosse is one of the most exciting venues for the sport, and the sheer amount of amazing plays to choose from for this year’s tape was unbelievable. We think you’ll like what we picked, and the rest will be used for the 2016 promo. Should we start the countdown for next February already?