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So you want to play lacrosse in college? Well, join the other 106,720 high school players in the nation. The chances of playing in college are about 13%, the same exclusivity as some Ivy League schools. So, any advantage you can get is worthwhile. gives you that advantage, simplifying recruiting into one easy to use website. With a free profile, you can set yourself up for a future in college lacrosse.

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PICTURES: Shootout For Soldiers Finds Success in Boston

Just over 24 hours ago, a group of close to 40 women took the field and kicked off the first-ever Boston Shootout For Soldiers. The Maryland-based event has been running for 3 years and decided to expand to 5 locations this year. After the women’s game finished, founder Tyler Steinhardt gave his warm opening remarks along with organizer Lt. Col. Mike Sullivan, followed by the (in)famous veterans game. The next 22 hours consisted of a jumble of teams, both organized and pickup, coming together from around New England and beyond to keep the game running. There was a great atmosphere at the event, and we had the privilege of attending and filming close to a third of it. As the game came to a close with a final score of 196-189, a tired group of middle schoolers let loose their cheers, as some finished up playing close to 10 hours in total. The individual efforts to keep the event running were truly admirable, and it was quite a feat to have two full teams running even in the early hours of the morning.


Shootout For Soldiers is a fantastic event, and if you are a resident in Ohio, California, or Long Island, I would highly recommend attending the event when it comes to your state next month. Though the play may not be MLL level, the food was great and apparel was plentiful, all while supporting the troops. Head over to the Shootout For Soldiers website for more information, and keep an eye out for our video coming later this week.

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Register for a Shootout for Soldiers event near you!

Each year, Shootout for Soldiers hosts a 24-hour lacrosse game to help raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. This year, the event is being hosted in several cities to spread opportunities to players across the nation. Locations include Boston, Baltimore, Ohio, Long Island, California. For those of you near Boston, we may have something special prepared for the event… find out more on the Shootout for Soldiers website!

One of the best game films on YouTube

The Lacrosse Network is phenomenal when it comes to videos, and it shows across their entire channel. Our partners just released their game film from Cornell and Yale’s standoff this past week. I really wish we could get more of these, as NCAA has yet to see many HD film projects. Some other notable one’s include Tuft’s Full Circle, Stevenson’s Stangs Family, and Maryland’s Be The Best


Rabil is More Than Just a Player

Arguably the biggest trade in lacrosse history went down this week, as the Boston Cannons sent Paul Rabil and teammate Mike Stone to the New York Lizards for Max Seibald, two first-round picks, and a second round pick in return. Many Cannons fans have been up in arms about the face of the organization being traded away, even though it will be crucial to rebuilding in coming years. With stars such as Lyle Thompson, Myles Jones, and Kevin Rice coming out of the NCAA in the next few years, the Cannons could easily gain more than they lost.

However, what has been less discussed is the off-field value of Rabil. Lacrosse is still growing rapidly, with many new players being lured through social media. Very few players have the same social presence as Paul Rabil, who leads a short list including players such as Kyle Harrison, Rob Pannell, and Greg Gurenlian. The Lizards have gained a great addition to their already “star” studded roster, which will help create an even larger fan base through Instagram, YouTube, and more. The Cannons, however, are at a loss, and will no longer have the same social boost Rabil has added in the past few years. Again, the trade will play out through the 2016 draft, so the Cannons will most likely look to replace Rabil with one or two more young guns with large followings.

Great Video from Tufts to Close Out 2014

Overall a great video from Tufts University summing up their championship-winning season. Very well put together, directed and edited by Tufts ’04 graduate Drew Innis. Definitely worth the watch, and will get you hyped for the 2015 season. This past year JumbosLaxTVย has been putting out great content regularly, and they’re definitely worth the sub.