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Cascade Announces ‘R’ Recertification Process

Inside Lacrosse– Cascade Lacrosse has reached an agreement with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) on a solution for the recently decertified Cascade R helmet. The solution will involve a simple modification to Cascade R helmets currently in the marketplace. NOCSAE has accepted the solution. The modification will be free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.

Finally, an answer has come. Cascade has announced a fix for the recent problem with the R. We have avoided covering the topic due to lots of speculation, and not many facts. By using their parented PoronXRD technology, Cascade has created a simple solution making their helmets even safer. Cascade will provide free shipping to and from their factory, so the fix comes at no cost to players. Estimated wait time is two weeks. More info on Cascade’s website.

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Best offseason workout? Hit the (rebound) wall

The single most recommended offseason (and in-season) workout is just to hit the wall. Nothing helps more to keep your hands quick and in control than wall ball exercises. The Lacrosse Network’s Wall Ball Wednesday series is a great guide for different drills to do when it’s just you and the wall. However, solid brick walls with nothing breakable nearby are not always easy to find. Our friends over at realized that, and put together a comprehensive buying guide for all your rebounding needs. Analyzing price, performance, and everything in between, it is easily the most in-depth review you are going to find. Be sure to check out the guide and read through some other LS reviews, they’ve got a huge database for all things gear.

ECD’s Nike Alpha U Review

Greg from East Coast Dye’s shows off the all-new Alpha U head from Nike. In the past, Nike heads have been very hit or miss. Some of their best have come in the form of the CEO and the Lakota, while their Dunk head was fairly unsuccessful. With ties to STX, some of their heads adapt qualities from the partner company. Traces of STX’s Hammer U head are definitely evident here, with a Nike twist on some of the design. With lots of sidewall holes and a new sidewall design, this should be a top option for defensemen this coming year.

STX Launches New Stallion 500 Helmet

…and it’s nowhere near as nice as it should be. Compared to Cascade’s helmets, this is on the same level as the CLH2. While it is just their debut helmet, and by all means is better than some of Warrior’s earliest helmets, I think it’s a fairly weak attempt. Coming from a company that emphasizes style and sleekness, this boxy attempt is not in the same image as some of their other gear. Leave your opinion in the comments, and check out more on their official page.

A Glass Lacrosse Shaft?

With all the new carbon shafts being released lately, Wolf Athletics decided to take their product in an entirely different direction- a shaft made of bulletproof glass. This thing is made of the same material used by NASA, and the guys at Wolf claim it is shatter-proof. To back up their claim, they offer a 5-year warranty. Check out the video above to see the $85 Ghost in action. The “whip” is very evident, even more than high-flex shafts currently on the market. Supposedly adding 7+ MPH to your shot speed, the extreme flex can really add some power. Weighing in a 7.8oz, the Ghost is on the heavier side of shafts currently on the market. To find out more, visit their website


Long-Awaited Hawk Hits Stores

The long-awaited release of the Epoch Hawk has finally come, and players can now feel the next-gen technology Epoch has been boasting of. Many pros, such as the Bandit’s Benesch, have praised the new head and it may just be the kick the industry needs to advance the somewhat dwindling technology. Shafts have recently left heads behind with progress such as carbon fiber, and Epoch is taking it into their own hand to do the same with heads.