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Cascade Announces ‘R’ Recertification Process

Inside Lacrosse– Cascade Lacrosse has reached an agreement with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) on a solution for the recently decertified Cascade R helmet. The solution will involve a simple modification to Cascade R helmets currently in the marketplace. NOCSAE has accepted the solution. The modification will be free of charge for consumers and retailers, including shipping.

Finally, an answer has come. Cascade has announced a fix for the recent problem with the R. We have avoided covering the topic due to lots of speculation, and not many facts. By using their parented PoronXRD technology, Cascade has created a simple solution making their helmets even safer. Cascade will provide free shipping to and from their factory, so the fix comes at no cost to players. Estimated wait time is two weeks. More info on Cascade’s website.

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