2015 Gear Guide

2015 Crosseworks Gear Guide

With out second annual gear guide, we bring you some repeats as well as some new faces. This gear will allow you to play to your highest potential, but it is also important to remember that it is the wizard, not the wand. Check out our selections below.


Starting from the top, Cascade still reigns as king. Despite the safety hiccup in late 2014, Cascade R’s have been re-certified and are still protecting the nation’s top players. The Cascade R is once again my helmet of choice in 2015 for multiple reasons, the first being comfort. This helmet feels natural the minute you put it on, and after a week or so of playing with it will adjust to your head perfectly. The SPR fit in the back of the helmet allows a custom fit every time. Looks wise, it’s the gold standard. The factory custom availability in addition to companies such as Zimagear allow endless creativity for your team. Lastly, and most importantly, it’s safe. There have been very few issues reported of the R, and with the latest adjustment, it seems like it couldn’t be more safe. Despite what competitors say, the helmet will keep you safe.




Second up is shoulder pads. Honestly, I’ve used the same cut-up pair of shoulder pads for more than 5 years, so it won’t make a huge difference. However, the quality I have seen on the STX Cell III Shoulder Pads has been incredible. They do have the shoulder caps on them, which I know some people do not like, but they can be cut off if necessary. If you’re in the market for a new pair, definitely look at the Cell’s.


Another repeat comes in the elbow pad category. Not many new pad lines have been released recently, and STX has been running the game since the Assault arm guards. The STX Stallion HD Arm Guards are no different. Maximum mobility, comfortability, and protection all in one. If you’re looking for something a little less bulky, check out the arm pad version as well. However, I have been loving mine and from what I have seen the feel of them is unmatched.


Gloves are the pad that definitely affect gameplay the most. They are your connection to the stick, so they have to be good quality. This year, the best gloves are coming from Maverik with the Maverik M3 Glove. The M3 is actually listed as a lower price than the Rome NXT, but I prefer it to anything in the game. The glove was given to Maverik Showtime participants last summer, and after trying them on, the quality was obvious. The M3 allows for maximum mobility and a perfect feel for your stick.




Looking at the sticks now, numerous heads have come out for this season that are definitely worth checking out. However, the top of the line appears to be the Warrior Rabil 2 X. Warrior has put all of their latest technology into this head, and the face shape of it is near perfect for anyone on the field. The head can be used at any level, and has a multitude of stringing options. One of the best players in the game has definitely figured out what makes up a good head, and the Rabil 2 is a significant improvement over the OG Rabil. One other head to keep an eye out for is the Super Power 2, which has not yet been released but could be a big player this coming year.


For shafts, there has been a tremendous amount of innovation. From the glass Wolf Athletics Ghost, to the new line of Maveriks, there is a lot to choose from. However, Epoch has once again pulled out on top. They seem to have shafts down to a science, and their Epoch C30 is exceptional. You can feel the technology inside of it, as it really is the best shaft if you’re looking to improve your game. However, keep your eye out on TRUE Lacrosse shafts by True Temper, and Aero Lacrosse shafts that will supposedly be the lightest in existence when they are released.


Lastly, the mesh. Mesh has blown up in the past few years, starting with the East Coast Dyes-fueled waxed mesh explosion. However, wax seems to be an outdated technology already after String King stepped into the game. Last year, String King’s 1s mesh took the cake. This year, after debate between String King 2+ and Epoch Otter Mesh, Epoch pulled it out from under them. However, Otter Mesh is manufactured by String King, so in the end they are still the best. Otter mesh is the lightest mesh on the market, is easy to string, and has a perfect semi-soft feel to it. If you have the money, I’d recommend it for your starter stick.


Thanks for reading, and let us know your setup in the comments!

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