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2014 Crosseworks Gear Guide

Introducing our official gear guide for the 2014 lacrosse season. We’ve selected the highest performing gear that will allow you to play to your highest potential this spring, and look good while doing so. Check out our selections, and let us know what you play with!

Starting with the most necessary protection, we decided on the Cascade R. Although it seems like the easy and most popular decision, many NCAA schools have gone with the new Warrior Regulator for this season. However, Cascade has pioneered lacrosse helmets for more than a decade, and continues to do so with the R. It’s price tag is worth the protection, and its an all around good-looking helmet. Team USA has gone with it, and it is definitely a good choice for some of the best in the game.



Next up is shoulder pads. Our choice was the Maverik Rome NXT Speed Liners. They are very protective, very light, and give the player a lot of freedom in the play. Personally, it’s always been speed over protection on the shoulders. It’s not a real necessity to have the caps on the shoulders unless you are an aggressive attackman at a high level. If that’s your case, go with the fully padded version of these pads.


For elbow pads, the new STX Stallion Arm Guards seemed to be a great option. As the successors of the great Assault line, they improve upon what I believe to be the best guards made yet. The have the protection of a larger guard, and the flexibility of a pad. You get the best of both worlds, and the comfort is unmatched. They don’t slip off your arm, and have an anti-moisture liner so sweat isn’t soaked up by the fabric. Great pair of pads, and our choice for the best of the category.


The last pad, and arguably most important, is the glove. We put a lot of thought into this decision, but as you can tell from our past review, the STX Stallion HD Gloves are top notch. Lightweight, protective, flexible, comfortable, grippy… the list goes on and on. A lot of new options got released for this season, and we believe these are the cream of the crop.


Onto the sticks, we got some input from the community to compile the highest performing list. Starting off with heads, the Brine Clutch Elite X and Nike Lakota U come out on top as a tie. Though both have similar face-shapes, the Clutch features a lightweight design. It is durable, and flexes very nicely on faceoffs. The Lakota is the bulkier of the two, with a stiffer build and a bit heavier overall. Both come down to preference, and are equally great options to bring your game to the next level.


A good shaft paired with the right head makes a stick unbeatable. We have chosen the Epoch Generation 5 Dragonfly as the best shaft in the game. Although the price comes as a premium, the performance is at the peak of modern technology. Rumors are circulating about new companies coming up with a cheaper way to get these technologies to player’s sticks, but currently Epoch takes the cake for the best shaft. The perform amazingly, flexing to give you the perfect snap on shots, and provide a fantastic grip for the ultimate control. Combine all that into a lightweight construction, and that makes the Dragonfly is a whole new breed of shafts.


In the midst of wax meshes and composite weaves, StringKing Mesh has emerged as a leader in the category. Instead of relying on a wax formula, they went out of their way to find the best materials to bring to their mesh, and made a custom weave. It gives a perfect semi-soft feel, breaks in quickly, and strings up easily. Although there can always be improvements, this mesh is nearing perfection. They also helped produce Epoch’s new Otter Mesh, which I look forward to hearing more about as the year progresses.



That concludes our 2014 Gear Review for the upcoming season! We will be sure to review more of this gear in greater depth than a short summary, and will bring you new information on gear as it comes out. This list will most likely change by the end of this spring, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some very cool gear coming out soon. Keep your eyes open, and make sure to check back for more content!




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    Lacrosse I have a great player who is ennirteg High school this year and the parents are looking to get him out in the Lax world for people see him. I don’t want to lead them down a road that might not pay out. My question is; how do they do it, so I need some advise to pass on to my middle school parents going into high school. Coach Bob

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