Great Video from Tufts to Close Out 2014

Overall a great video from Tufts University summing up their championship-winning season. Very well put together, directed and edited by Tufts ’04 graduate Drew Innis. Definitely worth the watch, and will get you hyped for the 2015 season. This past year JumbosLaxTV has been putting out great content regularly, and they’re definitely worth the sub.


Wolf Athletics – Lacrosse Innovators

Wolf Athletics has made headlines this year, and rightfully so. Lacrosse equipment has been pretty standard for a long time, and finally companies are beginning to change it. Plastic heads and alloy shafts seemed to be the only route until a few years back, when True Temper teamed up with companies like Epoch and the carbon revolution began. This year, Wolf took an even different take on the industry with their Ghost shaft. With a whole new material at an affordable price, it is a great new step for the game. From just $85, you can get a clear shaft, to an American themed shaft, or something as unique as their “Glow series” that we were lucky enough to get our hands on. We look forward for more to come from Wolf in 2015. If you’re interested, buy their shafts at their store, or pick up a slightly used “Glow Series” for a discount  in ours.


Officially Announcing the CrosseStore

Officially open for business, the CrosseStore is a great place to pick up both rare and advanced lacrosse gear at a discount. I frequently spend time searching through eBay for deals on limited edition and discontinued gear, and usually end up reselling it after it sits in storage for a while. Now, instead of having to scour eBay for OG heads or a colorway you just can’t find, you can check our Store first. We keep our prices affordable, and have free-shipping store wide so the price you see is the price you get. From time to time we also get new items in to check out and review, and figured we’d post them on our store to let our readers get a chance to buy if they really like the review. Although most of our products are slightly used and tested, we are able to offer them at a greater discount and guarantee that it has complete structural integrity, unless otherwise noted. Check out the four items available now, with more coming soon.


AT&T U-Verse – Part Three

Part 3, the third and final installment of AT&T’s U-Verse feature on the Iroquois National lacrosse team, has been released. It is a great finale documenting the Iroquois’ 3rd place run in this summer’s world games, and definitely worth a watch. We already wrote about the first two, and all three together are probably some of the best and most professional documentaries of lacrosse I’ve ever seen. The mainstream pickup is always great for growing the game, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Long-Awaited Thompson Trio Highlights

It’s no secret that the Thompson family lit it up this year. With sponsors clamoring over Miles and Ty, and Lyle with another year at Albany, they’re fame is not yet over. Many highlights have been released this past year, but none are like ours. After peeling through every Thompson play on the internet, we’ve come up with 4:40 of their jaw-dropping connections throughout the past few years. All there is to do now is look forward to their performance in 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.13.26 PM

CrosseMusic – Stand For

Already pretty popular after only being public for a few weeks, Ty Dolla $ign’s Stand For is a must-have on your winter playlist. Great beat provided by Diplo, be sure to give his stuff a listen as well. The music video is also a fresh take, with some great editing. See more by Ty on his channel.