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Register for a Shootout for Soldiers event near you!

Each year, Shootout for Soldiers hosts a 24-hour lacrosse game to help raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. This year, the event is being hosted in several cities to spread opportunities to players across the nation. Locations include Boston, Baltimore, Ohio, Long Island, California. For those of you near Boston, we may have something special prepared for the event… find out more on the Shootout for Soldiers website!

One of the best game films on YouTube

The Lacrosse Network is phenomenal when it comes to videos, and it shows across their entire channel. Our partners just released their game film from Cornell and Yale’s standoff this past week. I really wish we could get more of these, as NCAA has yet to see many HD film projects. Some other notable one’s include Tuft’s Full Circle, Stevenson’s Stangs Family, and Maryland’s Be The Best

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CrosseMusic – Kasum

I’ve been a fan of Kasum for a while, and it’s about time we feature him on CrosseMusic. Really any of his recent songs are great, such as his Kanye remix featured in our Thompson highlight reel, and he just released a new edit of Blink 182’s Adam’s Song. Great drop, perfect locker room music. Be sure to check out the rest of his stuff on his SoundCloud stream.

2015 College Lacrosse Promo

It’s finally here. With the NCAA season just a short while away, we bring you our 2015 College Lacrosse Promo. Definitely one of our best works yet, as we drew the best clips from all over the internet to compile to the sound of Ellie Goulding’s “Goodness Gracious.” I’d say its definitely worth it to take 4 minutes out of your day to check this out and get fired up for the season.


CrosseMusic – Actin’ Crazy

Opportunity be knockin’. The new single from Action Bronson dropped a few days back and has been blowing up ever since. The former chef definitely has a unique sound, and the song is one of his best. Be sure to check out the rest of Action’s stuff on his SoundCloud.


Rabil is More Than Just a Player

Arguably the biggest trade in lacrosse history went down this week, as the Boston Cannons sent Paul Rabil and teammate Mike Stone to the New York Lizards for Max Seibald, two first-round picks, and a second round pick in return. Many Cannons fans have been up in arms about the face of the organization being traded away, even though it will be crucial to rebuilding in coming years. With stars such as Lyle Thompson, Myles Jones, and Kevin Rice coming out of the NCAA in the next few years, the Cannons could easily gain more than they lost.

However, what has been less discussed is the off-field value of Rabil. Lacrosse is still growing rapidly, with many new players being lured through social media. Very few players have the same social presence as Paul Rabil, who leads a short list including players such as Kyle Harrison, Rob Pannell, and Greg Gurenlian. The Lizards have gained a great addition to their already “star” studded roster, which will help create an even larger fan base through Instagram, YouTube, and more. The Cannons, however, are at a loss, and will no longer have the same social boost Rabil has added in the past few years. Again, the trade will play out through the 2016 draft, so the Cannons will most likely look to replace Rabil with one or two more young guns with large followings.