CrosseMusic – A Great Big World

New from Futuristic, laid back beat with light rapping with Jerrin Jaramillo. Great music just to chill to, do work to, really for anything. Definitely one of the best he’s released, be sure to check it out below. He’s got a lot more tracks on his SoundCloud channel, and releases new songs pretty often.

Stringer’s Showcase – Relentless Stringing

With our first Stringer’s Showcase, we bring you Relentless Stringing and Relentless Mesh. These heads are almost the epitome of clean; all of them extremely well done and great to look at. Relentless does a fantastic job at incorporating vibrant colors in their stringings- and it shows. We have included a gallery of some of our favorites, but you can always find more at http://www.relentlessstringing.com/. Based out of South Carolina, Relentless stringing is a fantastic place to go for your stringing needs.

Stallion HD

Review – STX Stallion HD Gloves

I recently got my hands on a pair of the new STX Stallion HD gloves and have used them a few times since. My experiences with them so far have been great. They are extremely light, one of the lightest I’ve ever felt, and still provide ample protection. STX’s signature High-Def polymer is evident in the build of the glove (hence the HD), and it provides for a very comfortable feel. Continue reading…


CrosseMusic – Sunny Side

With our first CrosseMusic post, we’re bringing you Sunny Side by Jackson Breit. It’s an upbeat track that’ll certainly lighten the mood. Breit gained a lot of popularity in 2013 and hopefully will continue to do so. He has released numerous tracks similar to this, so if you like his style be sure to check out his SoundCloud channel.