Review – Warrior Burn X Head

This summer my gamer consisted of a Warrior Burn X on a Sc-Ti Pro shaft. The setup was pretty nice; sturdy and extremely lights. Probably one of the lightest setups I’ve ever used. It was strung with a college legal mid pocket and threw with very little whip. Overall, the head is easy to string, has a great strength to weight ratio, and has a tight pinch for a universal head. Continue reading…

2014 MLL Highlights

This season concluded with a miracle comeback victory by the Denver Outlaws. Our latest video captures the absolute best plays leading up to Snider’s gamewinning goal. We hope you enjoy, and please be sure to share with your friends!



CrosseMusic – I’m Good

One of the latest from Abstract, “I’m Good” features a slower beat with some great lyrics over it. Abstract produces chill music regularly, so if you like this be sure to check out his other stuff. It’s all pretty similar, but each has it’s own twist that keeps it interesting. Another favorite from him is “Scars.” Find more on his SoundCloud.



Denver Tops Rochester For First MLL Title

Down early, things did not look good for Denver. Their typical “give it to Junior and see what happens” was getting shut down, and Rochester was having a day on offense. The Outlaws managed to turn things around towards the middle, closing in on a 5-1 difference but ultimately heading into the fourth still down 10-6. They came into the final quarter strong, and ended up outscoring the Ratz 6-1. Two key goals came from both Jeremy Sieverts, a two-pointer from beyond the arc to tie it up, and Drew Snider, who let loose the game-winner with 56 seconds left in the game. 39 year-old John Grant Jr. was awarded MVP of the game with four points on the day. Overall an exciting day in Atlanta as the Denver Outlaws pulled out a 12-11 victory for their first ever MLL Championship in 9 years of existence.

A Glass Lacrosse Shaft?

With all the new carbon shafts being released lately, Wolf Athletics decided to take their product in an entirely different direction- a shaft made of bulletproof glass. This thing is made of the same material used by NASA, and the guys at Wolf claim it is shatter-proof. To back up their claim, they offer a 5-year warranty. Check out the video above to see the $85 Ghost in action. The “whip” is very evident, even more than high-flex shafts currently on the market. Supposedly adding 7+ MPH to your shot speed, the extreme flex can really add some power. Weighing in a 7.8oz, the Ghost is on the heavier side of shafts currently on the market. To find out more, visit their website wolf-athletics.com.



New NCAA Rule Controversy : The Face-Off

New year, new outrage over a rule that was not needed to be made. Last year was the ‘motorcycle’ grip controversy, which eventually was overturned after a huge outburst by the FOGO community. This year, the committee has decided that it will be illegal for FOGO’s to play with the ball in the back of their stick after the draw. This decision has already been under heavy criticism by players all over, even Throne of String posted a photo in protest of the new rule. We will see if the decision gets overturned in the coming months, as it is still up for approval by a second committee, but the initial decision is not a popular one. Unlike the motorcycle grip, there is no safety hazard to allowing this style of play, and the NCAA should be reconsidering in the coming weeks.