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BostonLax All-American Game Attendees Announced

The selections for the second annual All American Game were announced this past Thursday, featuring the best Massachusetts has to offer. The event is going to be sponsored by TheLocker, and if it is anything like last year, should feature some sweet gear and great talent. Although most selections were upperclassmen, two sophomores and even one freshman (Bailey Laidman, 2016, UNC), were selected to the squad. View the full list here.


Lyle Thompson’s Weapon of Choice

We’ve been posting a lot about this family lately- but lets face it, they’re the biggest thing in lacrosse at the moment. The Tewaaraton winner’s stick is nothing too flashy, a Noz X on a Brine shaft. However, you can only assume that the next year will be filled with “Thompson Replica” pockets and tutorials on how to get the same tape job.


Threepeat: Knighthawks Take it Again

For the first time in NLL history, the Knighthawks have won the championship three years in a row. Rochester completed the triumph after winning the mini game 3-2 against the Calgary Roughnecks. The way NLL playoffs are formatted is so that there are two game series, and if the games are split, a ten-minute mini game immediately follows the final series game. After being down 1-0 in the series, Rochester came back with a 16-10 win featuring many saves from star goalie Matt Vinc and eventually took the cup in overtime.


2014 Men’s Tewaaraton Award Winner(s)

The Tewaaraton winner has been announced- or should I say winners. For the first time ever, it was awarded to the two Thompson brothers. Both Myles and Lyle had outstanding seasons, and the award was equally deserved by each. Myles had said before it would be cool if the two split the award, but it was never thought of as a real option for both to go home winners. Myles finished his senior season with 82 goals, tying the all-time record and leading the NCAA Division 1. Lyle ended up with 77 assists and a total of 128 points, also leading the league in the respective categories. He will be returning for his final year of college lacrosse in 2015, so there will be more excitement to come even though two-thirds of the trio are graduating.


CrosseMusic- Tessellate

Tessellate, originally written by Alt-J, was covered by Ellie Goulding not too long ago and her fans went crazy over it. Rezonate recently came out with an edit of the cover that is even better. The song has everything; chill vibes, a great singing voice, and some great instrumentals. The song has been on my top-played every since I got it and I’d recommend giving it a listen. Click for more by Rezonate

SC Featured- Spirit of the Game

Recently ran on ESPN’s famous SportsCenter was a special focused on lacrosse; specifically, the “Thompson Trio” as Lyle, Myles, and Ty have come to be known. The feature ran for around 7 minutes several times, and is one of the first times lacrosse has had a special on SC. “Spirit of the Game” focuses on the life of a Native American student-athlete coming off a reservation. The Thompsons struggle to keep in touch with their heritage while playing the sport “The Creator” made, and it is truly a special video. Take the time to watch it, and if you didn’t already, you will begin to love the Thompson Trio.