A Glass Lacrosse Shaft?

With all the new carbon shafts being released lately, Wolf Athletics decided to take their product in an entirely different direction- a shaft made of bulletproof glass. This thing is made of the same material used by NASA, and the guys at Wolf claim it is shatter-proof. To back up their claim, they offer a 5-year warranty. Check out the video above to see the $85 Ghost in action. The “whip” is very evident, even more than high-flex shafts currently on the market. Supposedly adding 7+ MPH to your shot speed, the extreme flex can really add some power. Weighing in a 7.8oz, the Ghost is on the heavier side of shafts currently on the market. To find out more, visit their website wolf-athletics.com.



New NCAA Rule Controversy : The Face-Off

New year, new outrage over a rule that was not needed to be made. Last year was the ‘motorcycle’ grip controversy, which eventually was overturned after a huge outburst by the FOGO community. This year, the committee has decided that it will be illegal for FOGO’s to play with the ball in the back of their stick after the draw. This decision has already been under heavy criticism by players all over, even Throne of String posted a photo in protest of the new rule. We will see if the decision gets overturned in the coming months, as it is still up for approval by a second committee, but the initial decision is not a popular one. Unlike the motorcycle grip, there is no safety hazard to allowing this style of play, and the NCAA should be reconsidering in the coming weeks.


2014 MLL Championships Preview

With the MLL semifinals this weekend and the championship in just 9 days, we bring you the 2014 MLL Championships Preview. A collection of highlights from the four finalists, the Rattlers, Machine, Lizards, and Outlaws, put together to get you pumped for the last few games of the MLL season.



Kieran McArdle awarded 2014 MLL Rookie of the Year Award

This year, numerous college standouts were selected in the MLL draft. Many big names came up, such as Josh Dionne, Jordan Wolf, Ty Thompson and even the Tewaaraton co-winner Miles Thompson. Even from this heavily talented draft class, Kieran McArdle came out on top. McArdle, a member of the inaugural Florida Launch team, finished the season with 35 goals and 49 total points, setting records in both categories. The selection committee looked at more than just the numbers, however. Kieran stood out from the crowd by taking command of the Launch offense, generating numerous opportunities even when guarded by some of the most elite defensemen in the league. Because of his outstanding performance, the attackman won the award with 9 more first place votes than the runner up.


Undeniable : ESPN Special

If you haven’t seen it yet, Jay Jalbert put out one of the best productions of the year on ESPN recently. Luckily he also uploaded it to YouTube for those that missed the live airing. The film follows star recruits Shack Stanwick and Jake Seau as they prepare for the Under Armour All-America Game. Jay was highlight-reel college player at UVA who went on to play at the highest levels across the board, in the NLL, MLL, and eventually Team USA. After his lacrosse career came to an end, he went on to co-found Maverik Lacrosse, and currently works for himself at Jalbert Productions International. Look from more from Jay in the near future.



CrosseMusic – West Coast [Stint Remix]

First CrosseMusic in a while due to the fact that I was abroad in Spain. This is the first song I found when I got back, and already has numerous plays in my iTunes. A great song to finish off the tail end of your summer, with a chill vibe and a very light drop. See more from Stint on his SoundCloud channel here.