Highlights from Israel Lacrosse’s Boston Showcase

This past weekend, Israel Lacrosse came to Boston to have a few scrimmages and help grow the game. This is the first video we have produced from the ground up, filmed and edited all by Crosseworks. Some great slo-mo shots added to the best HD we’ve had yet is sure to make your day. A little longer than usual, we packed both the Harvard and Boston University scrimmages into one video. Enjoy!


Israel Lacrosse Comes to Boston

This weekend, Israel Lacrosse is coming to Boston, MA for a weekend of events. With two men’s games against both Harvard and BU, as well as women’s, U19, and U15, there’s a lot of lacrosse to watch for those in the area. At 8pm on Saturday, Oct. 18, the men’s team kicks off against Harvard in Harvard Stadium. On Sunday, they take on Boston University on their turf at 2pm, following youth program matches against Laxachusetts. Find out more here.


CrosseMusic – Sebastian Carter

New from Sebastian Carter, a remix of Alt-J’s classic “Breezeblocks.” Carter found a way to make Alt-J’s laid back vibe come off even smoother with a chill glitch edit. Alt-J recently released their new album, “This is All Yours.” If you like this, be sure to check out more from Sebastian Carter, and more from Alt-J’s new album. My personal favorite is Hunger Of The Pine.

ECD’s Nike Alpha U Review

Greg from East Coast Dye’s shows off the all-new Alpha U head from Nike. In the past, Nike heads have been very hit or miss. Some of their best have come in the form of the CEO and the Lakota, while their Dunk head was fairly unsuccessful. With ties to STX, some of their heads adapt qualities from the partner company. Traces of STX’s Hammer U head are definitely evident here, with a Nike twist on some of the design. With lots of sidewall holes and a new sidewall design, this should be a top option for defensemen this coming year.

STX Launches New Stallion 500 Helmet

…and it’s nowhere near as nice as it should be. Compared to Cascade’s helmets, this is on the same level as the CLH2. While it is just their debut helmet, and by all means is better than some of Warrior’s earliest helmets, I think it’s a fairly weak attempt. Coming from a company that emphasizes style and sleekness, this boxy attempt is not in the same image as some of their other gear. Leave your opinion in the comments, and check out more on their official page.

GoPro Lacrosse Video is Worth the Watch

Be sure to check out this quick video put together by a group of guys. So good that GoPro posted it on their own channel. Great to see big brands recognizing lacrosse, and with 90k views and counting GoPro is spreading the love of the game. Do you have a favorite GoPro lacrosse video? Let us know in the comments!